A Drawing Season

A Four Month Creative Exploration

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Thing One: Qualities exist before we put names to them. If we experience dark, light, flowing, dimpled, shallow and cold all gathered in one place, we may say “Oh, it’s a brook!” This is the ongoing communication of Life that we often simply replace with object names.

Thing Two: The basic elements of drawing are line, shape, value, pattern and color. Everything we see in the world is always some arrangement of these. When our experience of life is held by this visual vocabulary, we create Art.

A Drawing Season will help you bring these two conditions together so that Art may become a natural activity in your life. No prior drawing experience is required.

A Drawing Season is a 4 month exploration of perception and creativity, including 3 small group workshops, 4 private lessons and 4 months of access to all Tuesday evening Drop In Figure Drawing sessions and Wednesday Open Studios. This is limited to 7 participants. Our schedule will be determined together.

A Drawing Season goes from January to May 2019 and costs $500. You may register here.