About Drawing

You already know how to draw, you just forgot.  Drawing can be remembered as a natural, creative response to our experience of life and how we feel being here. Children draw and are world-makers when they do.  As adults we tend to limit the aspiration of drawing to how much we can make our drawing look like the thing we are looking at: our friend, a landscape, the stuff on our coffee table, our face in the mirror.  But drawing can be a way to understand and be in relationship with a subject, to become intimate with not only how it looks, but how it feels, what it communicates to us about itself.  Drawing can be full of qualities beyond surface resemblance.  It is a wide road and we arrive on it with a capacity for perception that we didn't know we had. 

Broad Brook


Gaming Night

Louie's Dragon

Backyard Summer

Ann Sleeping

Joan's Still Life

Life Drawing at RGS

Alan's Pepper Grinder

Bill's Still Life

Bill's Still Life