Color and Composition

Henri Matisse, Studio Quai St Michelle

Henri Matisse, Studio Quai St Michelle


Color and Composition explores how color and shape are used in painting to create space, light, relationship and narrative.  How does darkening the blue in one corner of the sky cause the dirt road in the foreground to become warmer and richer?  What happens if we remove the drawings on the wall of Matisse's  Studio, Quai St Michel?   This class will help show that everything matters in a painting: subject, background, patterns, shapes, distances.  Seeing the potential inter-relatedness of all of the parts of a painting, we can become more intelligent and sensitive in our choices. We will explore theses ideas using oil paint, pastel and collage. Limited to 8 artists.   

Color and Composition meets Mondays from 10 am to 1pm beginning January 8th through March 12, 2018                     cost $400 /10 week semester 

  • includes all paint and materials

  • Limited scholarship/trade available, please ask if this would help