Color Mixing for Painters

Tuesdays 930am - Noon, January 8 - February 5, 2019

There are basic principles in color theory which, when understood, can greatly increase our enjoyment and mobility with color in our paintings.  This five week class will give us a reliable framework for mixing color from life and from imagination.  We will discover that color mixing is not only a means to an end, but a way of deepening our relationship with our materials and what they might express.  This class will include demonstration, group discussion, examples from art history and lots of working time.

 Cost  $225 (includes instruction, coffee and all materials)



We will refer to the six-part color wheel of yellow-orange-red-violet-blue-green (and white) to help us understand the basic relationships of warm and cool, light and dark, saturated and neutral.  We will include art historical references from the art library that will show these principles beautifully embodied.



We will use oil paint as our exploratory medium, and what we learn will apply to any painting practice.  This will include palette set up, developing good mixing habits and lots of material information: pigments, mediums, palette knife use, etc.  

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Art mediums (oil paint, charcoal, clay, ink etc) are meant to be transformed into materials that hold and communicate experience.  This class can give you an important foundation as a painter: a love and understanding of the materials that you are working with.   

A limit of 12 participants. You can register here.