Weekend Drawing Intensive


Saturday, February 3, 10am to 4pm and 7 to 830 pm

Sunday February 4th, 10am to 2pm

Cost: $275

(includes instruction, model fee, all drawing materials and good coffee)

Students must bring a newsprint pad of 18x24”

In this two-day workshop we will re-learn drawing as a natural, creative response in life.  We each perceive things in a way that is particular to our physical senses, our associations and our emotional and spiritual state of being.  There is no one skill that can accommodate this diversity but there is a visual vocabulary that is common to all that we see.  

This workshop is for absolute beginners and experienced artists. Our aim is to:

      -  increase our understanding of the basic visual elements of shape, line, tone, pattern and gesture.

 -  offer a framework that allows us to draw from our experience of things with curiosity, directness and enjoyment.

              Saturday 10 to 4

Develop our basic visual vocabulary of shape, line, tone, pattern gesture

Drawing from various subjects to help explore and integrate these principles

Group discussion and art historical references to drawings across time and cultures

Lunch break 1215 to 1

Drawing from still life and the live model


Saturday 7 to 830 pm

Optional (but strongly recommended!) meeting at Duo Lounge on High Street to talk shop and draw experimental portraits!


Sunday 10 to 2

Coffee, pastries and look at the drawings from Saturday.

Open drawing session with emphasis on directness, composition and translation of experience.

Closing conversation: How to learn from your own drawings.

This will be an eye opener and great fun!  We will limit it to 12 participants.  Please call or write if you would like a spot held for you.

Register here: https://www.vermontdrawingstudio.com/class-cost-and-registration/cfpsyn1uzrdm5fi44r924572jtjlf3