Drawing from Life

sleeping woman, pencil on paper, 2015

sleeping woman, pencil on paper, 2015



In Drawing from Life we will work from a diverse range of subjects.  One week we will have a nude model, the next a group of musicians playing and the next a sprawling and elaborate still life arrangement with windows opened to the brook, and the next a mother reading to her child.  Over the ten week class we will see how drawing can be an adaptive and engaging activity that can carry over into your daily life.  Formal instruction, personal experiment and art historical reference will be combined to provide as rich a ground as possible for drawing to become a more naturally occurring activity in our lives.

Absolute beginners are welcome.

Drawing from Life meets on Tuesdays from 10am to 1 pm from  January 9 through March 13, 2018.                 cost $400 /10 week semester

  • includes all materials except for newsprint pad

  • Limited scholarship/trade available, please ask if this would help